Artist Statement

I make because I breathe. Oh good, at least I’m not being pretentious about this Artist Statement. So here’s my story…

I’ve always felt the desire to create. When I was in first grade, I would write short stories and my teacher let me share with the class. That actually inspired others in my class to write their own stories, which at the time maybe felt normal (“yeah, of course they should be sharing their stories if they so want”) but it’s things like that where I’m able to look back and know I affected others while making work I enjoyed in every aspect that make the process worthwhile and lasting.

I think in some respect, no matter if the creator argues otherwise, everyone who works toward something is doing so for their own satisfaction. This may be disguised in some ray of emotion, meaning it’s not necessarily always joy that leads a project, but the fact that the creator is putting time into it at all speaks.

I like the idea of not having a set guideline for my entire life, but rather finding lots of different projects (video production: narrative, documentary, commercial, music video, event, experimental – I want to do lots of all of it all the time). However, I do like the idea of keeping log-term and short-term goals in some sense. Having a deadline for a project ensures steady work towards completing the project efficiently. I think constantly pushing oneself is the best way to improve. That may sound obvious, but in many ways, stagnation and allowing oneself to say “good enough” too many times can be a serious detractor to creative minds.

I have a wide variety of work, which isn’t necessarily a positive, and it’s not really possible to connect all of my work. I simply enjoy creating. Sometimes it’s creating or recreating moments in various ways, whether through drama i.e. something someone will call pretentious, or comedy i.e. poking fun at society; and sometimes it’s documentary work and capturing moments.

I think this digital age is both wonderful and in some sense detractive. It gives more and more people the opportunity to share their stories. The biggest detractor people tend to mention is that not everyone is at the same level of talent. But everyone starts with very little, and it’s through hard work and dedication and repetition that improvement and mastery comes. A quote that I have passed on several times since someone shared it with me: “I will work as hard as I can at making movies and maybe by following this path I will achieve an understanding of the true essence of cinema.” This quote is a look back at Akira Kurosawa’s Lifetime Achievement speech at the 1990 Oscars. One of the most highly respected filmmakers of all time stating that after a lifetime of working towards mastery, he is still trying to improve. That is what filmmaking is to me. It’s an unmatched medium of expression utilizing a handful of skillsets, with which, when combined into a perfect concoction, can create work that affects people at a deep level.

Storytellers have always been an essential part of humanity. As we progress as a species, I think this role is only growing in need. We need people to share important topics with their unique voices. Using non-fiction and fiction alike, sharing reality but also utilizing the modern human’s skills of creativity and imagination may be vital to help guide how our future is shaped. So I intend to share stories, and hopefully inspire others to share stories so we can continue learning, evolving and thriving.

And they all lived happily ever after. The end.