About RedbellCentral

RedbellCentral is a video production company that works on many different types of videos. Some of the most common types are: Business / Product videos, Wedding videos, and Short Films. Located near Minneapolis, MN.

RedbellCentral is currently independently run by the Creator/Owner, Jake Moore.

About Me – Jake Moore


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Hi, I’m Jake Moore. I discovered my passion for making videos in 2008. Officially started RedbellCentral, LLC in early 2015. I live in the upper midwest of the United States. I’ve produced hundreds of videos over the years and would be happy to work with you on a project.


Some of the most notable projects I’ve worked include: Wes Ellenwood’s feature film, NO BLOOD OF MINE (2016 release) [best boy grip, 2nd unit D.P., drone operator] ; CorridorDigital’s THE DIVISION (2015 release) mini-series [set dresser] ; Wes Craven’s forthcoming feature film, WETWARE (production starts end of March, 2016) ; Peter Negursky’s forthcoming feature film, ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG (2017 release) [drone operator] ; Trevor Pendleton’s forthcoming short film, THE STAG AND THE WOLF (2016) [D.P., Co-Producer, Co-Editor] ; videography for Camp Hometown Heroes 2014-2016 [more Produced] ; additional projects include collaborations with RicePirate, PeterCoffin, KaylaAnneGlick, ThomasVandenDolder, DanielMorrissey, RebeccaSchroeder, DigitalWaffles, KalaKahikiStudios, OliviaDrury, AprilDuenow, CallieJones, Team G-Force and many others.

I’m available via email or social media message [links on footer, below]. If you want to know more, open up the toggles below to read more about me.

Although I’m fairly biased toward myself, I would have to say I’m a very easy person to work with when it comes to video production. What it all comes down to is following the Director’s vision. That should be what everyone on the crew works toward. My personality can be pretty sarcastic. Lastly, I’m definitely more introverted than extroverted. I like to get work done right.

You may want to look at the TESTIMONIALS page to see what some of the people I’ve worked with had to say about me.

All of this aside, when I’m working I’m just trying to give you the best video possible, which brings us to the next point (below)

My goal is to make the best video possible, plain and simple. I will figure out what it is the client wants and do my very best to make that dream a reality. This consists of Pre-production meeting(s) where we will figure out what the basis of the video will be; Production shoot(s) where we will meet and get all of the video needed; and then hours and hours of Post-production where I will edit, with your input, and put together the final product.
“Experience helps us to make mistakes confidently.” – David Fincher // “Rid myself of the accumulated errors and untruths. Get to know my resources, make sure of them.” – Robert Bresson // “We think too much and feel too little.” – Charlie Chaplin // “A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet.” – Orson Welles // “You can go to school forever, but you’ll never know until you just do it.” – M.G.
I’ve won multiple film festival awards for short films as Director, Cinematographer, Editor, as well as Writer. I think this makes it clear that I truly enjoy all aspects of filmmaking. I won a Scholastic award my senior year of high school in relation to a short film I made. Also, in my time on YouTube I have reached over 1,000,000 total views between the many channels to which my videos have been posted (which hardly seems an accomplishment in this day and age).
I enjoy playing basketball in my free time. I also enjoy writing of all types, listening to music, watching/studying movies, and other creative things.
I’m a picky eater, so please don’t buy expensive stuff / anything that you would hate to throw away if I end up buying myself something that I’ll eat. My favorite food is probably pizza, but even there I can be picky. I’m usually willing to chip in because I’m such a tough customer when it comes to feeding me. I fully understand that this is very rude and I should be appreciative of getting food, but —

As a rule, please ask me first if you’re thinking about getting food for me on a project.

Water is great.



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