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Terms and Service(s)


That banner is a joke. It just seems like sometimes these sorts of things get really serious and have weird clauses, but that’s not my intention with this site’s Terms and Service. Although this probably will be really, really boring… and for the most part I have no idea what I’m saying here, but I’ll do my best to make this good (aka legal or whatever)… let’s just move on.

RedbellCentral.com is the website for the company, RedbellCentral. RedbellCentral is primarily an Independent Video Production company specializing in Short Films, Business Videos of all kinds, and Wedding Videos. RedbellCentral is also available for Graphic Design work, Basic Website Design work, Photography Shoots, and more. If you would like to hire or otherwise work with RedbellCentral and/or its Owner(s) please contact via email or other method(s) of contact.

From here on out, I’m going to try my best to make this as long, complicated and boring as possible. Like that new show your hipster friend, Brian, recommended you watch — Zing! No, Brian is a good guy. And he has a surprisingly strong taste in metaphorical shows. Actually, simile-ical is the better word since I used “like.” Either way, I’m sure that show is good if Brian said it was. I was just playing around before. Let’s go watch that show. Oh, it doesn’t exist and was just for comedic effect? But now the joke is getting old? …Well, guess what? I don’t like you anymore, Brian. I’m not inviting you to my birthday party this year. And it’s going to be your favorite kind: a surprise party. Well, surprise, you can’t go. Ok, actually though this is supposed to be about some Rules for this site or something, so let’s move on to that.


First things first:

Any use of terms such as “You” should be associated with YOU, the person reading this; You may also be referred to as a 1) Visitor and/or 2) User/Member/Subscriber/Editor (or other name pertaining to a role one may have on the site via registering for an account and being logged in) as those are the two main categories of being on this site: Visitors can go on most of the pages of the site, but besides watching videos and reading posts Visitors have limitations to what they can do; and Users have lots of different activities they can perform on this site, and thus an increase in rules (see the”User Activities” section).

Any use of first-person pronouns in this “Terms and Service” (such as “I” or “Me/me” or “We/we”) should be associated with RedbellCentral and/or RedbellCentral.com and its Owner(s):